The Requirements For Becoming A Nursing Home Administrator

A nursing home administrator faces a high volume of responsibilities throughout the day. These administrators are responsible for operating the entire nursing home facility. This includes monitoring the patients and their staff. The following are the steps for starting this lucrative and rewarding career.

Fulfilling the Educational Requirements

To become a nursing home administrator, the individual must start with a bachelor of science degree. It must be a degree in nursing or health care administration. The coursework must include finance, business administration, and management in addition to nursing requirements. An administrator must possess these skills to complete their job on a daily basis. They must possess a higher proficiency level in these concepts when applying for a nursing home administrator position. They must acquire a nursing license after the completion of their degree program as well.


What Experience is Required for Administrators?

According to the most recent statistics, a nursing home administrator must possess at least three years experience in nursing. They must possess at least one year of managing a nursing staff. This experience can be in any hospital or medical center setting. The prospective administrator must possess stellar references that present a track year of impeccable service.

What is the Average Salary for an Administrator of a Nursing Home?

The average director of nursing salary is $94,500. This value does not reflect the starting salary for this career. The salary opportunities range from $64,178 to $114,362. The salary achieved by the prospective administrator depends on the size of the facility and the location in which they choose to start their career.

What are the Exact Job Duties?

The exact job duties for a nursing home administrator include management of all patients and staff. The administrator manages the finances of the facility as well as creating a budget for events and expenses for the year. They also maintain the building to eliminate possible hazards.

A career as a nursing home administrator is rewarding and provides the individual with a top-earning position. To start these careers, the hopeful administrator must acquire experience as a registered nurse and gain management experience. Applicants who are interested in a contract nursing home administrator job should submit a resume now.